My Chanel experience

The station as I arrived, all set up

Now why on earth would anyone spend money on a high end products you may ask? I’ve been just like everyone else, saving money, purchasing brands such as L’oreal, Maybelline, Cover Girl, etc. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with those brands. They have been great products and I still use some of them to this day!

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that sometimes, it’s worth that extra buck to spend on the more expensive brands. I’ve gone from Bobbi Brown, MAC, Estee Lauder, Clarins, to name a few and for several years, I have used L’Occitane as my preferred skincare regime.

I tend to make friends quickly with the various people who work on the counters of the high end names. I love them and they are always so kind and answer all my inane questions. I tend to try products then once I have decided and researched, I will make my decision. Enter, Elton and Tamzyn, my amazing Chanel go-to people. Tamzyn is an amazing lady who did my make up for my photo shoot a few months ago and she knows her story! She works for Chanel at one department store and Elton works for Chanel at another department store.

I scheduled a time with Elton (Tamzyn was off) and he happily tried the various products on my face. We went through the entire regime. I loved how they products felt on my skin. I have sensitive skin so I do have to be careful with what I use. What I love about L’Occitane, Dior and Chanel is that the products are all natural ingredients. That’s important to me.

He enquired as to my concerns for my skin. Well, I don’t like the pigmentation I have as I have gotten older but it’s mainly learning to grow old gracefully. I have always taken care of my skin from a young age, much to my mom’s thoughts about me wasting money. I didn’t agree to her thoughts.

The skincare options

I didn’t purchase the skincare yet as I always feel it’s best that as your current skincare products end, then you purchase only what needs to be replaced. In that way, it’s not a huge sticker shock. It’s a gradual progression, not a race. I loved the smell and feel of the products. Nothing burned my face or caused any type of irritation.

The product I have purchased is the Chanel Ultra Le Teint. I don’t have the right foundation anymore. My MAC foundation is basically finished. I’ve been stretching it as far as I can until I figured out what foundation I wanted to purchase. My Laura Mercier foundation is too dark at the moment.

What I can say is that you use very little of the Ultra Le Teint. I love the full coverage that doesn’t feel heavy or cakey. It does give a matte finish and sits beautifully on your skin. It doesn’t transfer onto your clothes or onto another person. That is one of my big tests. Does the foundation rub off onto my husband’s clothes? I don’t like foundations which do this.

The wearability, it lasted all day long! It was a hot day and I didn’t have foundation rubbing off from perspiration. It looked the same at 8pm as it did at 10:30am. I didn’t have powder or foundation settling into my fine lines or gathering under my eyes. I really loved the look of this foundation. It evened out my complexion and I looked refreshed.

Elton and I after my lovely Chanel experience

I will definitely buy this foundation again and again. Go check it out! It’s worth every single cent.

Products used: Le Lait Fraicheur D’Eau, Le Tonique (blue), Hydra Beauty Micro Liquid Essence, Blue Serum EYE, Blue Serum (face), Le Lift Creme also one of the CC Correction cremes (I can’t remember which one). No 30 (bronzer), 244 tisse jazz (eye shadow), eye brow pencil (not sure which one), intense teal eye pencil, Rouge Ink #818 and red lip pencil and mascara.

Moving | another lesson

Image by skeeze from Pixabay

I feel like God just has me on a massively long lesson of….WAIT….and…TRUST…. I couldn’t have the simple lessons, no, I had to get the big ones. It’s all fine. I’m chuckling to myself as I write this. The words “big dummy” fly through my head as I write since I think I must be slightly slower than others when it’s learning time.

Another lesson for us is about moving to another house. We rent our house. We’ve had to since we lost our life’s savings in a Ponzi scheme four years ago. No, the case hasn’t finished. It’s still ongoing. The gentlemen are still out on bail living their lives without an apology to those who were wronged. I doubt we’ll get it. That’s fine. They have to also stand before God one day. I am not angry anymore. I’ve come to terms with everything and in the whole process, that was another learning curve which we passed. whew!

Peter and I feel we are to move to Paarl. Has it happened? Absolutely not. Did we miss hearing from God? Absolutely not. Is there sin in our lives? Absolutely not. Are we out of the box thinkers and doers? Absolutely! With every lesson we have learnt over the past four years, we have not regretted a single decision. Can we testify of God’s goodness? Absolutely! Can we talk about His provision? Absolutely!

We have found several rental houses that we like and could afford. We made an offer on one and boy, has that been an interesting ride. Our emotions would say throw down your toys, throw a hissy fit, get mad at the nonsense going on (totally out of our control, the nonsense and I’m not elaborating at all), put something on the News24 website but what would that accomplish? Sure, we’d get a resolution, we’d put a bad spotlight on a person or agency but would that really help? Absolutely not.

The lesson once again, isn’t about us getting a specific house when we want it. It’s about trusting God once again. The right house will be there at the right time. We will have the right agent showing us the house. Favor with that real estate agency will be there at the right time. What is my reaction going to be and how is my heart when things don’t go as they normally have with regards to rental contracts for us.

So we have to wait until our current contract runs out. Not a big deal. Yes, my daughter has to get up at the crack of dawn to catch her bus at 6:15am. It means she’s home an hour later than most kids whose parents pick them up. It means she gets home on the late bus when she has after school events and she’s only home by 6:45pm. It’s only for a short time until we move to Paarl.

I am beginning to chuckle because it’s rather comical now with the lessons we are being taught about waiting. I think we better learn this one quickly or this is going to be a really long class, so to speak! I think we got this. God is faithful. We will be obedient to what He says and still laugh about the interesting things we are going through. At least I have an awesome husband that I get to go through this adventure with on the various ebbs and flows of life. He loves adventure. I quietly assess, adjust and move on. I process things in an inward manner.

Anyway, life’s one big journey or a box of chocolates as Forrest Gump’s mom says. I do love to poke my finger in chocolates to see what’s inside. Naughty, I know.

I’ll write again soon, but not today….Ciao!

Book update (Sept 2019)

Image by Jess Watters from Pixabay

So, it’s been a long hot minute since I’ve last written anything on my blog. I have truly been swamped with writing my book. I finished the bulk re-writing last month and I basically took a bit of a breather. The cover is busy being designed with the graphic designer. I’ve seen her work, it’s beautiful. I trust her and I know she has other deadlines she must do so I don’t want to rush her at all. My lovely editor/publisher is busy working on various projects but I also need to finish my few edits on the 1st draft but I am waiting on others to get back to me with their thoughts.

I have to admit, it has been unnerving to say you are waiting on God for something. It’s a catch phrase you hear so many people say but do they truly understand the enormity of that phrase…”waiting on God…” I fear many see God as a slot machine of sorts. I put in my prayer in the slot, pull the handle and wham! I have my instant miracle, answer to prayer, etc. What if it isn’t about getting what I want, what I expect to happen, what I desire? What if it’s actually about trust in God no matter the outcome.

I haven’t had any thirst for fame or fortune in writing my story. I have had a hard copy of the facts written for the past ten years. It could have stayed that way as a reference for my children forever. In February of this year, I felt a prick in my spirit that I needed to actually pick the hard copy up and rewrite it with a specific lady in mind to help as my editor/publisher. So, trusting I heard from God and after I spoke to my husband, I contacted the lovely lady, we really connected and the whole process of actually rewriting what was already written began. That was April/May of this year.

Fast forward to now. I had planned for the launch to happen in October but I knew that I would self-publish so I could retain the rights to my story/book. The financial aspect of all the various things that needed to come into play to make this happen is huge! The printing of the book isn’t the bulk of the finances, that would be the PR person. That person is key. I know that I can’t self-publish and then promote it by word of mouth. It would have a ground swell then it would die down within 6 weeks with a lack of promoting…. It’s not what should happen with my story. I say this not to be proud or boastful. It’s a quiet assurance.

Next month will be October, the finances haven’t come through in my timing and let me reiterate, my timing. Hang on, it’s not about what I want. It’s about obedience to what I heard God say to me. It’s about trusting Him for all the things necessary to make it happen. So what if it doesn’t happen next month? He has reasons why it wouldn’t. That’s truly not my problem at all. He is the Source of ALL things. My response to the waiting, my response to the process is the true journey. Can I really trust Him in ALL things?

My answer is an emphatic YES!

As soon as God releases the things which need to be released, the book will be printed and launched. That’s the bottom line. I’m still excited. I’m still at peace in my heart, emotions, soul, etc.

That’s what’s going on. I’m still working on the 1st draft. I’m busy doing transcriptions for last year’s conference. I’m still doing video editing. I’m still being a wife, mother, friend, all around creative person. I’m just me doing what I do. Until I write again….



Before it gets hectic, I seem to be just resting. It’s come natural. Sure, I’ve jotted down a few things for the next book but it was just to jog the old memory banks. I’m not actively writing another book. I can feel when it’s the right time and when to just let it lie.

My husband took us out to a wine farm, Noble Hill in Paarl. There is a lovely restaurant there, Consecha where they serve Mexican styled food. It was so yum. I had guacamole and organic chips. He had a fried pulled pork taquito and then he had cheesecake. I was really impressed by the flavors. I would post pics but I am too lazy to import them from my Android phone to my Macbook laptop. I told you I’m relaxing….

I am still trusting for the finances for the book launch and all the prep but that isn’t something I’m necessarily stressing about. I’m just in this relaxed repose and I am seriously enjoying it. I know I have a lot of stuff that will keep me very busy on the horizon from sorting out unwanted and unused belongings, beginning to pack once again to move, any re-edits for the book, writing songs for EP, etc. There are things I should be doing but I’m not feeling the nudge or kick in the pants to move on it yet. The time will come quicker than I think.

I think it’s healthy to take time out. My brain needs a reset and rest. I hope you can take the time for yourself too!

Until next time!

decisions and choices

Today was another day of house hunting. We met the agents from two agencies. It gets a bit overwhelming after a while. Do we choose a three bedroom or a four bedroom? Does it allow dogs or not? Is there enough space for our family? When do we move? Can we afford this?

There ended up being so many houses and each one has an aspect I like. The first house overlooked a lake and had a lovely yard for our two dogs but was only three bedroom. It’s also opposite a nature reserve. The second one we saw was a four bedroom, in the original part of the estate so it is in an established area. We liked this one too. The third house was a three bedroom, with solid wooden floors but no fenced in area for the dogs. Another house was a four bedroom, new but the rental was higher. We then saw another agent with a four bedroom which was the mirror of the first house we saw today. Every single house would suit us beautifully.

Here is the downside, when do I have time to pack? Wherever we go in the estate, no matter what house we choose, I MUST get rid of all the excess and scale down. In some ways, it won’t be difficult but in others, the stress of packing is left on my shoulders. This is in the midst of editing, rewrites, writing songs, etc.

Can I cope? I have no idea. I’m up for a challenge. I think… No matter what, it will be amazing to live in this estate. There are kilometers of walking trails, a nature reserve, three restaurants, polo fields, etc. We are looking forward to living there. So many “challenges” for me but hey, we wanted to scale down more so, here we go.

photoshoot day

Today was the day that I was going to have my photoshoot. Why a photoshoot you ask? In preparation for PR, website, the book, etc, I needed to have new photos taken for all the above. You would think that printing a book or singing would be simple. It isn’t. There is so much planning behind the scenes. It truly is a learning curve for me but I am enjoying it. I have to admit that I feel more alive and energized by this whole process.

Thankfully, I did not have to go far for a photographer. We have used Charlene D. Edwards Photography for our family photoshoots and I love the way she captures the family. She is always able to photograph such lovely candid, open and warm pictures of us all. You can truly see everyone’s character and personality come alive. That’s a gift to be able to get everyone’s individual and uniqueness in a photo.

The makeup artist wasn’t even a second thought. I have a few friends that I would have loved to use but there will be other opportunities to use them. I know one lovely lady who owns her own makeup company, Niki Professional Makeup and I also know a few makeup artists in the industry. For my photoshoot, I decided to use Tamzyn da Costa. I knew her when she worked at a major cosmetic counter many years ago and found her again working at another store as a manager for a different brand. I’m loyal to people and I know I will use both ladies in the future. They each have a unique way of doing makeup and I love them as people too! I feel honored to know them. I can’t wait to build friendships with them both, personally and professionally.

The photoshoot started a little bit late but I wasn’t stressed. I had my three different looks already figured out. One look was more natural for the book author shot and the other two, one was edgier and the last a bit more sophisticated but still me. Charlene had some great ideas for photos and Tamzyn was able to capture the right look for the makeup. We even had time to do some new family photographs. We were even able to get some great and creative outdoor shots before it started raining.

All in all, it was a fantastic day. I can’t wait to see the edited photographs. I’m so glad for my family who were willing to take more photographs with me without too much complaining. They really didn’t complain, fussed about it being cold but that’s understandable. At least I can tick off another box under “things to do” for the book launch.

I’ll write more again soon! Have a fabulous day!

a huntin’ we will go

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

We seem to love adventure of some sort or another. We lost our life’s savings to a ponzi scheme almost four years. Despite the financial loss, the journey God took us through has been true joy during the whole thing. We have never fought about finances at all. We’ve both walked in complete peace because we know who our true Source is.

We have moved several times in the past four years but it’s a great way to declutter your house. We’ve gotten rid of trailers full of boxes and we haven’t missed a single thing. I guess that means that people in general tend to collect more than what they need. We moved again in February to a slightly larger home. We have 3 of our kids at home, their ages ranging from 13 to 23 years of age. They have been sharing rooms and our 20 year old couldn’t keep sharing with his sister.

February of this year, we moved yet again. We love this house. It’s located within a security estate in the town we have lived in for the past 15 years. But now, the owner wants to sell the house. None of us are upset. We completely understand. Unforutnately, we can’t purchase the house but on the flip side, we want to move closer to our daughter’s high school.

Today, we began the hunt. Out of the three houses we saw, we loved two. One house in particular ticked all the boxes of what we could possibly want in a home. We’ll speak to the agent but we aren’t worried. We know we will find the right home for us once again.

A few people have called us gypsies but I think the fun of moving has bit me. I am enjoying the adventure of moving. I don’t enjoy packing but I have the added benefit of getting rid of much more once again. I eventually want just what we need, where everything a specific place to be.

Here’s to house hunting, getting rid of excess, and future packing once again.