A day in the life of a mom

Wow. So  now I’m in the world of “blogging.” I still think it’s for those who are incredibly gifted with writing plus who on earth will read MY blog?  In case you are one of those, welcome to my tilted world….. ha ha ha.

I’m sure that so many other moms have posted or blogged or whatever.  I’m sure my grammar, syntax, etc. is seriously flawed but that’s okay. This isn’t about perfection but rather trying to have fun and kind of keep track of my crazy life filled with all kinds of stuff.  At the moment, all is quiet in the house.  You can really hear a pin drop.  If you’re really quiet, you could probably hear the gears in my brain creaking because they don’t get much use at all.  I seem to be on “autopilot” or just “mom internal function mode.”

We’ve had friends visiting us from Pike Road Baptist Church in Pike Road, Alabama which is just outside of Montgomery, Alabama.  My husband, the kids and I lived there for 2 1/2 years.  I have to say that those two years were glorious.  If God could move us just about anywhere in the world, I’m sure that Pike Road is on the top of our list…well MY list since my husband is an adventurer and would get into all types of crazy stuff if he could.  Our friends, Tim and Karen, have been here on sabbatical.  It’s their first in a ridiculously long time so it’s long overdue!  I know that everyone misses them in Alabama but I’m going to be selfish and say, “chill.”   Hopefully, this will be the first of quite a few trips to South Africa!  Who knows? Maybe this trip of theirs is the catalyst for others to follow! I don’t mind.  I say, “come on!”  Peter took them on a mission’s trip to Lesotho and Swaziland. They just spent the weekend trying to find the Big 5 in Kruger National Park.  They had a whale of a time! I have to admit that I’m a tad bit jealous but it’s time for them to get their butts back to Cape Town…..  Enough already!

I have so many things that I am supposed to be doing…..  Let me give you some examples of my “gotta get going and do it” list:

  1. Write 2 songs for the Easter production – 1 is done, the other one is still being worked on.
  2. Start brain storming for the backdrop on the stage @ the church…. Whoops, my bad, kind of slipped my mind…. LOL!
  3. Keep all the kid’s schedules straight – kind of hard when new stuff gets added on a weekly basis.
  4. Keep my husband’s schedule figured out, especially when he forgets to tell me and his PA calls to let me know what I’m supposed to be doing…
  5. Update a specific FB account that’s not mine – but that’s for fun – seriously.
  6. Still trying to find my son’s learner’s license but it’s expired (so he says).  I never had it so I’m not sure why I have to hunt it down….
  7. Have to find my original document that had my permanent residence stamp in it for South Africa – found it a while ago but promptly forgot where I put it for safe keeping….
  8. Once I find said document, high tail it to the Home Affairs office to have the permanent residence stamp transferred to my current passport….  So it’s kind of important I find that sucker.
  9. Organize my 2nd son’s passport – so not fun.
  10. Organize my eldest and 2nd son’s American passports
  11. Organize and clean the stuff for the White Elephant stall @ my daughter’s school for the end of March.
  12. I’m sure there are other things but I really can’t think of them now.

So you see, there are all kinds of things that have to be done but when you have a colander for a brain, it’s kind of hard to retain everything.  In the midst of all of the “chaos”, I still have to find some “me” time.  That I try to do by going to the movies all by myself and just have a good laugh or I get my rear end in the gym three times a week.  Yes, I do enjoy that type of stuff.  No, jogging isn’t for me.  My knees couldn’t handle it nor would I enjoy it.

Since it’s almost 1am, I guess I should stop the whole “blogging” thing and get my butt in bed, where I will most likely stare at the ceiling since I’m wide awake.  I’m sure it’s in anticipation of my husband, daughter and friends coming back home later today.

So, to anyone who reads this – have a good one.  I hope I didn’t bore your mind  into a zombie type haze.


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1 thought on “A day in the life of a mom

  1. Very entertaining!!!

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