Who put that wall there?

As a mom, you are generally in a hurry.  I also try to multi-task and often I’m not paying attention when I should be because I am running a list in my head of what I have to do next.  On one of these days and times, I had just run into the grocery store to get a few groceries.  I didn’t buy much (for once).  Unfortunately, I wasn’t looking or paying attention at all to my surroundings.  I saw a gap between a wall and parked cars.  Of course looking down wasn’t exactly a priority on my list of “things to do.”

As I tried to zap between this gap, everything seemed “normal.”  Within a few steps, my foot hit something and I stumble. I recover, take another few steps, hit something again and then I start hurtling towards the ground.  In my haste, I throw up my left hand to try and catch myself but  instead of planting my hand on the wall, I miss and the top of my hand just grazes the wall.  I hit the wall hard enough with my hand that I took off skin.  As I am falling, I realize that there is a bike stand fixed to the asphalt.  How could I forget?  Easily.

I eventually righted myself and I tried to act like nothing had happened.  But, behind me, I heard some guffaws and some snickering.  What’s behind me but a local coffee/restaurant and the locals are laughing.  I provided them with a moment’s relief from their daily routine and let them enjoy my absolute and utter embarassment for their amusement.  Quite classic, if you ask me.

So, if you see something retarded going on, it’s most likely me doing something and not paying attention to my surroundings!




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