Day 17 in Brazil (this title is getting soooo boring!)

Well, we woke up. I opted out on breakfast. I just wasn’t hungry so I had a cup of coffee instead. I watched a few things on the internet, googled some information, got ready for the day. Makeup on the face just wasn’t an option. I didn’t feel like “dolling up”. So it was the “au naturelle” look on the face. We went to visit … Continue reading Day 17 in Brazil (this title is getting soooo boring!)

Day 15 (late night antics)

Hey. I said when I was alert enough, I would post what went down last night. I am still convinced that the long day combined with the late nights messes with your mind!  They love teasing me about eating because I just don’t want to eat alot.  Turns out, that when we didn’t eat Monday night, the Pastor went to bed with an empty hollow … Continue reading Day 15 (late night antics)

Day 15 in Brazil

I’m starting to feel funny writing “day…. in brazil.” The time is starting to move rather quickly but I think it’s because of our busy schedule…. Here we go! Are your seatbelts fastened? We woke up this morning relatively early (7:30) so we could have breakfast.  When we went to the kitchen, Maressa’s mom was the only one at the table. She doesn’t speak english … Continue reading Day 15 in Brazil