Day 14 in Brazil

My days have now completely blended in! I think that I blogged about last night’s service. I really can’t remember. I went to sleep and woke up more tired. How did that happen? My sinuses are once again letting me know how they feel…not so good….grrrr. I’ve taken 2 sinus pills let’s see if these suckers will work.

In case, even though I’m sure I did, I didn’t blog about last night’s service. We were supposed to be early so I could go over some songs with whomever, we were “late.” Brazilian time is so similar to African time. It certainly makes life more interesting.  We just roll with it. We got to Amigo Intimo and greeted various people. Edielma asked me to lead 2 or 3 songs. I opted for two! I figured that if I chose 2, it would give the Holy Spirit to do his thing. A ha! I remembered the first song – “Draw Me Close to You.” Ding, ding, ding…we have a winner! I can’t believe I forgot the name of that song last night. I didn’t sing it many times.  They keep the songs in the original key instead of transposing it for the singer.  It was pretty low so I opted to sing the 1st song twice and shoot straight through to song number 2: “This is the Air I Breath.” Brilliant song. I wish there were more lyrics to that song but its an awesome song. God just showed up. I’m not sure at what point but you certainly felt Him move. The people were swept up in His presence. It was beautiful.

After I stopped leading, I handed over to Edielma and she led the same song “This is the Air” in Portuguese. It was great! They sang so fervently. It really was amazing. When she turned around after she led, she had tears streaming down her face. Beautiful!

Peter preached on “Kingdom domain” and it was good. It was funny. He and Diogo would discuss which portuguese word to use as if Peter knew the portuguese words. Diogo’s english is better than his portuguese so I guess it makes for entertaining translations for the congregation.

Our ride is here so I have to run…..  I’ll hopefully blog later!

Wendell and Thiago arrived. Thankfully they came in Wendell’s öld”car that he had given last week. We drove a distance to the other church. We met Ps Brito and have gone to his house. His has an expresso machine! Hooray! Real coffee! We’ve already had our expresso!!  It looks like the theme for all the sessions is “The profile of a worshipper.” Peter and I will be working with the worship team every night from tonight (Monday) until Thursday evening. So our schedule looks like this…. We start tonight with a session with the worship team 10 pm until midnight. Tues – Thursday, we have morning sessions from 10am until 3pm. Then we have a short break. We resume a session in the evening every night from 10pm until midnight. Friday is our free day. Saturday evening, we will minister to the Youth. Sunday morning is free. From 6 pm – 7pm, we minister to the cell leaders. From 7pm – 9pm, we minister to the church. He has asked that I give my testimony.

Peter just flipped. I’m busy typing on the Pastor’s MacBook Air laptop and he just whipped out his iPad. Peter is going green….  Ha ha ha!!!  Diogo will come in the afternoon’s to translate for us. Pastor Brito’s daughter, Maressa also speaks english. Whew!

Perhaps the depth that the Lord showed us this past week with Amigo Intimo is what we needed for this week. We had no idea what we were going to be doing this week…  Fasten your seat boys, we’re in for one hell-uv-a-ride! Yippee! Cowabunga!

Here’s the fun update for day 14…  Okay. We eventually ate lunch. That was nice. That had the “norm” of beans (this one was the “dry” one w/o any sauce, bacon & cassava flour), meat cut into thin slices, rice, huge slices of watermelon and papaya.  I have decided this is the week of small portions….  We met Maressa’s aunt and her mom. Her mom had to go to the bank but asked if we would like to go to their local supermarket. We’re always up for supermarket fun….  We left @ 3pm to go.  It”s kind of close to their house. I’m really not sure.  I don’t think I could get there on my own. I would be too terrified to drive here. No one observes the “Pare” or stop signs; the circles don’t make sense and no one stays in their lane….  When we got there, we went in and started looking around. Her mom figured out that we love guarana. She bought 2 different types for Peter to figure out which one he likes….  I have no idea what she put in her shopping cart. We had to go hunting for a foot file. Good grief, after being here for 14 days, my heels were looking seriously disgusting. Thankfully, we found one!  The angels were singing and I’m sure Peter was relieved that he wasn’t being mauled by my heels at night! Peter, Maressa and I went from aisle to aisle examining  different things. We were on the “prowl” for coffee beans. Maressa was telling us it’s so “easy” to find coffee beans. We kept telling her that it wasn’t. We proved her wrong! Ha ha! We found the coffee aisle and just about 98% of the coffee was ground coffee, not the coffee beans. We found some and she promptly disappeared with it. Her mom told her to put it back because she already had some.  I think I have failed to mention that this supermarket is like a huge Sack and Save!  It’s all bulk grocery shopping! It was like America (well, kind of like America).  When we hit the vegetable section, Peter and I went crazy. It was so much fun trying to figure out stuff was. We found the oranges that they use for the orange juice. The crazy thing is that the “orange” peel isn’t orange but green. When you cut it open, it’s orange and the juice is nice and sweet. I think they call it Laranja.  I could be seriously wrong on the whole spelling.  I just googled the orange they use for the orange juice. Just a quick “FYI.” Brazil is the largest orange producing nation in the world! Sao Paulo produces 80% of the oranges.  Anyway, the orange is called the Pera Rio or Laranja Pera!

I think if we could have skipped through the grocery store, we would have. It really was fun. We went from the fruit and vegetable section to the cheese section (the cheese is REALLY cheap) to the meat section, to the fish/seafood section and then to the sausage section. We were comparing the Reis price per kilogram converted to Rand value to what we pay in South Africa. The meat and cheese are seriously way cheaper!!  We did remember to get batteries but I forget to take pictures tonight…. Sorry.  We paid for our stuff then waited for Maressa’s mom to pay for her items.

We left the grocery store and went to the Bakery. They have a really long word for it and I can’t spell it. She bought 2 slices of cake and all other kinds of sweet stuff. These people really love to eat. Ps Brito loves to make this funny concoction when he has sweet stuff. He first piles this powdered milk into his coffee cup, then this cappuccino dry mix then he adds coffee and hot milk. His cup looks like he has sludge in it but he loves it. Maressa’s mom told her aunt that Peter and I were like 2 kids in the grocery store chattering about this and that…. Tis true, we were like kids….

After a while, he went to pick up Diogo.  There was such joy for Ps. Brito! He could finally talk without having to use his translator program on his iPhone. Oh yes, he is such an Apple fan that he has “made disciples” of his congregation. They all use Apple if they can afford it!  We sat and chatted for a few hours.  Ps Brito and Peter were telling jokes for quite a while. Poor Diogo was laughing so hard between the two of them. Ps. Brito shared with us his heart about where the worship team right now. They used to pay their musicians but the worship became kind of “empty” and they musicians were more focused on sounding professional and the salaries.  Peter shared where we have come from as a congregation and as a couple with regards to worship. We talked for an hour or so.  I felt a prompting in my Spirit so  I went to pray and then got ready for tonight’s meeting.

We left about 25 minutes before it started. There were some who were late but Ps. Brito wants to start on time and no wait for those who are late. It’s all good! He introduced Peter and I. Then it was our turn to start. Peter shared for the first 45 minutes then I shared for about 30 minutes. I gave it over to Peter and he shared some more.  Tonight’s focus was on the foundation that worship is a heart issue. It’s a lifestyle. It’s about living a surrendered life to God. Worship is about giving Him glory in all things.  We shared and then we left the floor “open” for questions. The guy who facilitates worship commented about how the things we shared tonight is exactly where they feel God is directing them. It’s kind of like a confirmation that they are on the right path.  We have another 3 late nights of teaching.  Those evenings will be practical. I can’t wait. It’s going to be fun and a challenge for them too!  It’s ridiculously late so I’m off to sleep.

Catch you all later on in the morning!

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