Late @ night on Day 14

I’m sure that the late night thing has gotten to us already….  We came back to the house after the 10pm – midnight session. Ps. Brito really has a good sense of humor. He told us driving to the house that he had asked either his wife or daughter to make pizza for us.  Peter and I were a bit horrified because of how late it was @ night! We just laughed because the Brazilians have no problems with eating at random and late hours of the night.

He asked us to come to the kitchen. Thankfully Diogo was there to interpet for us. Ps Brito wanted to know if we wanted drinking yogurt. We said “yes” because I think it was the only way to reassure him that we weren’t starving or something. I walked in from the other room and Ps Brito and Diogo both have their backs turned to us and were drinking. Poor Diogo’s shoulder’s were shaking so I knew he was laughing. I asked him what was up?

He said that Ps Brito had poured more into their cups than ours and he told Diogo that they must quickly turn around and drink so we didn’t see them!! LOL! I’m glad they are enjoying themselves…. Ha ha.  After the yogurt joke, Ps Brito wanted to give us both a lesson in Portuguese. He was touching things and telling us the name. We were supposed to repeat the names like a parrot. He kept telling Peter he was saying the words too high. Ps Brito would drop his voice and say the words. Peter would try but would say a syllable or something slighly “off” in their ears. Eventually, we were all laughing because Peter said he couldn’t hear the differences. It all sounded the same.  I couldn’t even mimic the words any more. I was laughing too hard.

We said good-bye to Diogo. He only lives 8 minutes from here. He actually attends Amigo Intimo but by bus, it can take him 1 1/2 to 2 hours to get to that church. By car, it’s maybe 20 – 30 minutes. Craziness!

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