Day 15 in Brazil

I’m starting to feel funny writing “day…. in brazil.” The time is starting to move rather quickly but I think it’s because of our busy schedule…. Here we go! Are your seatbelts fastened?

We woke up this morning relatively early (7:30) so we could have breakfast.  When we went to the kitchen, Maressa’s mom was the only one at the table. She doesn’t speak english so it’s fun trying to communicate. She told me that she was going to the small supermarket and invited me to come. I thought she meant Peter and I but she meant just me. She told him to stay.  Keep in mind that our meeting started at 10am this morning.  I grabbed my stuff and got in the car.  She let me know that we were going to a smaller grocery store.

She’s a very fast driver and loves to honk the horn at people. I’m not sure if it’s to warn them that she’s coming, that she’s definitely NOT going to stop or just to make a noise.  At the moment, I’m leaning to all the above! We arrived at the supermarket. She tells me that the cashier is her niece. She speaks english. This young lady stops and talks to me for a bit. Her english is really good!  Maressa’s mom was meandering through the store gathering whatever was on her list. I was having a good laugh because she picked up a bunch of stuff yesterday.

She finished and we packed everything into the car. She went into another store (just around the corner from the supermarket).  She introduced me to her sister. Her sister owns a chinese import store. Just about everything there is from China…. So those types of stores are everywhere! We then went to another gate. She’s calling out for her mother rather loudly. Eventually, the gate opened and we went in. She then called and called for her mother at the front door to this house….  No answer. She grabs her phone and calls a number. We could hear the phone ringing inside the house.  After about 5 minutes, the door opens…. She’s a petite lady and is really an attractive lady for her age.  We walk in and Maressa’s mom walks through the house into a living room area. She and her mom start yacking away in Portuguese. She calls someone and tells them (I think) that she’s brought an english speaking guest to meet her mom.  Apparently, her dad passed away many years ago and her mom lives alone in the house.  A bit later, a man walks in. It’s her brother.  So now, I have met her sister, her niece, her mom and her brother.  Her mom doesn’t speak english but she does offer me coffee. I end up being the only one drinking coffee. I wouldn’t have had any if I had known…. Sigh.

After about 20 minutes at her mom’s house, she gets up and tells me “to go.”  All right. You’re the boss, let’s go! Up and out the door we go…. She stops and goes inside the doorway adjacent to her mom’s front door. It’s her brother’s work. He makes or sells men and women bermuda shorts.  She shows me a few pairs and now it’s time to go.  We’re off again but this time, it’s back to the house. I looked at my watch….  Yikes. It’s 10am. I know that I should have been there 10 minutes earlier. Ps Brito doesn’t like being late.

We get the house and no one is there. I went to the room to put my stuff down. I come back a few minutes later and her mom had left. There’s no one home except me and the lady who cleans the house.  Luckily, Peter had asked if she could do our laundry and she had it up on the clothes line!  I was so thankful for her kindness in washing our clothes.  Her mom was gone most of the morning so I just watched some movies, moved some files onto my flash drive, surfed the web and then I heard footsteps. Maressa had just woken up. She didn’t go to school.  A bit later, her mom walked in and started preparing lunch. Her sister who we met yesterday was with her.  We all sat down and had lunch around 12:30pm. Maressa’s mom and sister were laughing hysterically after lunch. I am convinced that they are laughing at me or whatever. It doesn’t bother me because I have no idea what they are saying.

They left a bit later to take her mom to the supermarket.  Just after 3pm, Peter, Ps. Brito and Diago came back. I was supposed to go with them but his wife “hijacked” the program… Ha ha.

From 7:30pm – 8:30pm, we went to a cell group meeting. They are exploring Discovery groups so it was a great opportunity to observe and see how things were actually going. We made some notes.  I’m sure he’ll share it with the pastor later this week.

We had our evening session. Thankfully, last night we laid a foundation of worship. Tonight was the beginning of a practical for the entire worship team.  Peter laid another layer to the foundation about praise. What is praise?  He had them gather into groups of 4 or 5 people. Once they had done that, he asked them what are they thankful for. They had to answer the question in their groups. They needed to nominate one person in their group to sing. That person had to sing their one sentence about what they were/are thankful for.  After that, we had them read a scripture in Psalms. They had to sing a sentence in the Psalm, echo, mediate then move on to another portion of the scripture and repeat the process over again.

We had a basic set up for the musicans. I think we had a drummer, bass and acoustic guitar, myself on flute and Diogo on piano. It was a practical for the musicians to anticipate where the Holy Spirit was leading, to read each other, pick up the ebb and flow of the Holy Spirit, etc. It was a good workshop tonight.

Tomorrow we will cover other areas.  Keep us in prayer!

I’ll blog about the “AFTER the session” in the morning.  Ciao!

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