Day 18 in Brazil

Hey. Yeah, I know, it’s the early morning hours for me, early  morning hours for South Africans and I have no idea what time it is in America.  I should be asleep but I’m wide awake. My bad for drinking the Guarana! You’d think I’d know better by now. It’s a stimulate, like caffeine.

After the last worship session, we came back home. Maybe I should back up…the worship session went well last night. Instead of us being heavily involved and leading it, we gave them the opportunity to lead, follow the lead of the Holy Spirit and just go for it.  In the beginning, Peter shared a bit. I kind of added on to what he said and gave some practical examples. I think we took about 30 minutes talking and gave them time for testimonies and for questions.

Once that was done, we began the practical again. This time, they had to facilitate and anticipate where the Holy Spirit would lead and guide them.  It was a bit bumpy in the beginning but I think they are beginning to grasp the principle. I am really excited for them. I think that God really wants to restore hearts to worship Him.

We left for the house after midnight.  We chatted to a few people and Peter was given some wooden bongo thing. It’s really cool. We’re just trying to figure out how on earth we’re going to put it in the luggage without it getting damaged.  I was on the Net and they were all in the dining room. I had no idea. Apparently Maressa and her mom, Maria went to the Jeremy Camp concert. Did y’all know he was married to the lead singer of Benjamin Gate who is also South African? That was just a little “FYI.” They loved it.

Peter called me so I joined in. Maria had baked a pizza again. I really wasn’t hungry so I had one piece. They goofed around some more. Ps. Brito was doing his thing and speaking english again. We have it recorded. Peter also spoke to him in Afrikaans. It was really funny. He (Ps. Brito) returned the favor by having Peter repeat phrases that he is saying in Portuguese. The two of them are absolutely crazy. They were walking to the church this morning talking like they were both deaf. I walked pretty far behind them. They were so embarrassing.

After we chilled and goofed around, we’ve all gone to bed. I’m sure they are all asleep Peter and I are awake.  We leave later this morning for Caldas Novas. Here’s some information on the place.   It is one of the world’s largest hydro thermal resorts. In other words, it’s the world’s largest natural hot springs.  It was discovered in 1777. That’s ridiculously old!  There are 86 active wells. That’s crazy!  The temperature of the water averages between 34 degrees Celsius and 57 degrees Celsius!  Yikes! I don’t have a bathing suit so this should be entertaining and I only have 1 pair of shorts with me. Guess we’ll have to go bathing suit shopping tomorrow at the resort.

I googled the place and it looks nicer than I expected. So, I can relax and have fun. TTFN!

We left Ps Brito’s house at 4pm. It was his whole family, us and Diogo. The drive was about 2 hours…. I slept but froze my butt off in the car. It turns out the Ps Brito, his wife and his daughter must have the thickest skin! They had the air con in the car so cold! I was freezing. Diogo was in the back of the car and he was freezing too! It was funny. I tried to sleep but couldn’t because I kept getting cold.

We arrived at the resort. It’s a Christian resort. He uses the place for retreats. It also has it’s own hot thermal water too.  We had an apartment on the bottom floor. My observations were that the place was okay. I was nervous about taking a shower. I didn’t look as clean as I would have liked it.  They also have the tiny ants called “sugar ants.” They get into everything.  I hate bugs, insects, whatever. So, so gross!

They took us into the town. We ate lunch at a fast food place called Giraffas. I had a hamburger. I ended up eating half and ate all the fries.  From there, we went swimsuit shopping for me.  We eventually found a bathing suit. It was an interesting time. Maressa kept wanting to get bathing suits, Peter didn’t like them, she chose other ones, I was burning up in the little change room. Eventually, I just wanted to get it over with. I was sweating like a pig! I chose a nice one. I’m happy and I just wanted to “bag it” and get out of there.  On the way to the car, we popped into the shop O Boticario! Amazing place. I think I have tried just about every single fragrance in the store. The one I got for Mother’s Day yesterday is called “Lily Essence.” It’s a gorgeous fragrance. The majority of the fragrances I tried on either faded or stunk to high heaven on me… I’m so happy with my gift. Peter got himself a deodorant spray. It smells nice too. He ran out while we were here.

We got back to the resort and they swam. I chilled. We ate a bit later. Really good food. We also took a late night swim @ 9:30pm until midnight. It was fun. There was a huge group of people there for a conference. They were really having fun.  They have 3 different pools at the resort. The first one is warm (37 degrees Celsius). The deeper pool is much warmer then they have a kiddies pool too. It’s probably the same temperature as the first one, maybe even a bit cooler. I think we all slept like babies last night.

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