To Cheesecake or not to cheesecake!

I’ve always wanted to make a cheesecake. Why? Who knows?! Maybe in the world of Martha Stewart, it’s “easy peasey” or a “no brainer” but in the normal housewife life, it’s just not done. Yeah, in South Africa, they seem to love the refrigerated cheesecake. Me? I’m not a fan. I don’t know if it’s the consistency or what but it feels like I’m eating … Continue reading To Cheesecake or not to cheesecake!

Dad’s away but the snakes can’t play!

It’s been an interesting week since my husband left for San Francisco! I have to say a huge sigh of relief escaped my lips once the book was “done.” It’s not really “done” but the bulk of the work is completed. Now I must find an editor who can help me edit and get the book to flow and be more concise while still drawing … Continue reading Dad’s away but the snakes can’t play!

Creativity or a “nut case?”

I was watching a movie not too long ago… I love watching movies. I can de-stress and not worry about stuff and comedies are my favorite. With writing, I now have a new found respect for any writer, whether they write scripts for movies, books, articles for magazines, journals, blogs, anything…it doesn’t matter. The effort it takes and the concentration. But, I think I would … Continue reading Creativity or a “nut case?”

I did it!

Well, after a very long journey and believe me, I never thought I would get to this point; my book is “done!” I re-started the whole writing procedure in December while we were on summer vacation. It was quiet and I think i was inspired by the surroundings and the lack of inspiration. I went from 2,000 words to 20,000 from the beginning of December … Continue reading I did it!