A week in…. 

It’s been just over a week of Banting. I apparently had to let Peter know that we were officially Banting.  Hmm maybe, I should have told him but I figured if I was cooking that way the whole week before we “officially” started,  he’d figure where we were headed food wise. Guess not…  With Banting,  there are 3 food lists: Green,  Orange and Red.  Green … Continue reading A week in…. 

To “Bant” or not to “Bant” 

Banting or the LCHF lifestyle took South Africa by storm several years ago.  Professor Tim Noakes co-wrote a book, “The Real Meal Revolution”.  It’s been met with both applause and disdain.  It’s challenged the status quo for nutritionists,  dieticians,  and the like.  Despite the hoohaw,  there have been amazing testimonials and results from those who have adopted this as a lifestyle and not as a … Continue reading To “Bant” or not to “Bant”