Kruger National Park | Day 5

Ground Hornbill (endangered list)


Peter went to church this morning but the kids and I decided to hoof it over to Kruger Park this morning. We got up early, had coffee then piled into the car. We were on our way then I realized I left the camera in the car. So, we had to turn around and get the camera. I think Peter was sound asleep since he didn’t even stir when David walked into the room.

We got to the gate. We were so close to the front, maybe 4 cars away. We still ended up waiting an hour before we even go to the actual gate where you hand in the paperwork. Sigh. It was 6:57am when we drove into the park.




I decided we would take the S-130 to the S-137 then the S-28 to the H4-2 towards Lower Sabie. We turned onto the S-130 and not even 500 meters away were a group of 5 ground hornbills. What a privilege. They are on the endangered list so it incredible to see them again. We drove all the way down the S-130 and we saw birds, zebra, giraffes, birds, impala, more impala…pretty uneventful except for the fish eagle.


We carried on until Lower Sabie so I could stretch my legs and see what was sighted. We then piled into the car once again and went a bit further down the H4-2. We took the S-29 around the dam then turned back onto the H4-2. We did see a Waterbuck which was cool. We haven’t seen those before. There were a few of them. We eventually got back onto the H4-2 towards Lower Sabie, happily driving along and then noticed that people had stopped quite a ways down the road. We thought it was because of the buffalo opposite the river. Nope, wasn’t the buffalo, there be lions afoot in the sand. We were able to get a few photographs via Photograph Alyssa. I wanted to get out of there quickly to avoid the quickly building traffic jam.


Not even a kilometer down the road, there was another traffic am. Lo and behold in the tree I dubbed “The perfect leopard tree” was a leopard kill hanging in the branches. So many people had stopped to try and get  a picture of the leopard but I’m sure he wouldn’t reappear until the evening when people had gone. I asked Arthur and Ermine (our hosts) and they reaffirmed my suspicions.


We had to hurry as this was to be a quick morning run so we could get back to the house in time for lunch. We eventually arrived at 12:30pm. On our way out cars had stopped. Hmmm…should we stop or continue on? We asked and they had seen two jackals. Of course we had to stop!!! It was lying underneath a bush.


And so our day has finished. We did see a family of Kudu opposite the house where we are staying. We had an awesome lunch and there’s no way I have room for any more food. Until tomorrow!