Kruger National Park | Day 6

Small and elusive, the tiny mongoose (pic of the day)

Okay. So my entire first draft just vanished. Interesting. Today was our last day in Kruger National Park.  We decided to make a whole day of it. This meant we were up early and left just before the gate closed.

Every day that we’ve been in the Park, we have basically seen four out of five of the Big 5 animals. That meant the hunt for the elusive leopard was on. We opted to take the S25 towards Malelane Gate since there has been a ton of animal activity on this road. What we found was an endless array of birdlife! Alyssa and I saw a leopard eventually but it was through thick bushveld. We saw so many different types of predatory birds. It was pretty awesome. We also came across elephant, zebra, buffalo, giraffe, impala, warthog, kudu, but no leopard close by. Close to the Malelane gate, we came across many cars. We looked far back and there was a gutted impala in a big tree. As we searched for the leopard, Peter and Alyssa-Mei spotted it immediately! We have now seen ALL the big 5 officially. Triump at last!

We made a quick pitstop at Malelane Gate then proceeded to head on the tar road back towards Skukuza. We encountered more elephants and the like and the ground hornbill. Quite an exciting site once again. We ate lunch at Skukuza Camp then headed back down the H4-2. We then saw more lions in the sandbank. Then decided to stop  by Lower Sabie again for another pitstop. It was a long day.


From there, we went to the S28. We encountered more impala, elephants, warthog and even Old Boys from David and Zach’s High School. They noticed the school’s emblem on the back of our car! What a small world! They stopped us along the road and we chatted for a few minutes. Pretty cool. We saw a few more animals and Peter captured the sunset on film.


To sum up this week, it’s been tiring because of the altitude but Kruger National Park has many fond memories for us. We’ll come again in the future.  It’s been a great vacation but from tomorrow, it is World Choir Games. Over 16,000 people from 300 choirs will be performing in Pretoria. It will be good!

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