Waiting and waiting

downloadSo our son David, had a classmate who is currently in Pretoria for the school holidays. He lives in a security complex not far from Waterkloof. David was to arrive at 10am and leave at 3pm. That’s what we arranged with him. Peter and I did not want to go far so we decided that we would walk through other parts of Menlyn Park Mall since it is the largest Mall in Africa. The road is paved with good intentions, it really is.

We arrived at Menlyn Park Mall rather early. It was great because it wasn’t so busy.

Menlyn Park Mall
Menlyn Park Mall

Off we go walking. We walked and walked and I got completely turned around. It’s a huge Mall. I have to emphasize this point. We saw new stores. Found out where Lush is. We also saw choirs involved with the World Choir Games sing in the Mall. We listened to a group from Croatia, Northwest and then we went walking to the Food Court to find something to eat. We settled on Burger King.

We then got a Whatsapp message from David to please get him later. Uh, not a chance! We didn’t want to get stuck in rush hour traffic. We did give in and arrived 45 minutes later. We did try and hunt down a candle shop (Yankee Candles) but eventually just gave up because we could not find it and that’s after we asked the lady at the Information Desk. Of course we had Starbucks and I earned another free drink. We’ll use it sometime soon. Yesterday, we shared a Venti cappuccino.

We got our soon then went back to our friend’s house. They get home late but it’s chilled. We had dinner then watched the World Cup Soccer semi-final between England and Croatia. I just wish it was over!!! So boring.

We’re about to head out the door. Today is Alyssa’s choir’s first performance! Crossing our fingers and toes! Ciao!

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