Montgomery, AL

We have finally arrived back in Montgomery after travelling through so many states. We enjoyed meeting so many people over the month of October. We had the opportunity to not only spend time with people but experience a vast array of many things. From Phoeneix to Albuequrque then on to Flagstaff, Sedona and on to Dallas, Shreveport then to Montgomery.

On our return journey from Dallas to Montgomery, we stopped by Shreveport, Louisiana to see my mom’s old house. I was hoping someone was home so I could see the interior but alas, no one was there. Instead, we saw Buddy, who lives next door. It was great seeing him and chatting. He said the people who bought my mom’s old house take really good care of the house and property. We decided to walk around the back of the house so I could see what had changed. The old barn in the back was down but some of the old sidewalk was still there. The boat shed was gone but the channel to Cross Lake was full again. They had also enclosed the back porch to extend the kitchen. I did cry. It was good to have closure as the last time I saw the house was when I was packing up mom’s things, deciding what to ship to South Africa and what to sell.

We also stopped by Bossier City to have breakfast with the Barretts. Lovely people and it was great to hear a great Louisiana accent once again. From here, we drove on to Montgomery, Alabama. It was a very good drive and even better to see Asher. Even Logan’s (Asher’s house mate) dog, Rocky was happy to see us.

We did shopping (of course), chatted with Asher, played with the dogs, went to see Bohemian Rhapsody which was a very good movie. The movie theaters are big and it’s great to get free refills on popcorn and drinks. South Africa could learn something here.

After a few days with Asher, we drove to Cumming, Georgia to visit Tim & Karen Dilbeck. It was fabulous chatting and hanging out with them. They live in a very old house that Tim’s dad moved from wherever it was to Cumming. It’s a beautiful old house but the company was better!

Since we’ve been back in Montgomery, we have spent the majority of our time with Asher and reconnecting with the people who were at Pike Road Baptist Church while we lived here. They haven’t changed and still are the most amazing people on the planet!

I’ll write more just before we leave for Cape Town which is literally in a matter of days!

2 thoughts on “Montgomery, AL

  1. Wonderful reading about your trip and all the awesome people and places you’ve seen Charlotte . Phoenix and Sedona brought back very treasured memories for me. I look forward to reading the rest of your travel story. I dare say its not going to be easy leaving loved ones behind to make your long journey home to S.A., but sure looking forward to seeing you again. I’ve genuinely missed you at rehearsals. See you soon…. God bless… safely xx
    Charlotte G.

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