photoshoot day

Today was the day that I was going to have my photoshoot. Why a photoshoot you ask? In preparation for PR, website, the book, etc, I needed to have new photos taken for all the above. You would think that printing a book or singing would be simple. It isn’t. There is so much planning behind the scenes. It truly is a learning curve for me but I am enjoying it. I have to admit that I feel more alive and energized by this whole process.

Thankfully, I did not have to go far for a photographer. We have used Charlene D. Edwards Photography for our family photoshoots and I love the way she captures the family. She is always able to photograph such lovely candid, open and warm pictures of us all. You can truly see everyone’s character and personality come alive. That’s a gift to be able to get everyone’s individual and uniqueness in a photo.

The makeup artist wasn’t even a second thought. I have a few friends that I would have loved to use but there will be other opportunities to use them. I know one lovely lady who owns her own makeup company, Niki Professional Makeup and I also know a few makeup artists in the industry. For my photoshoot, I decided to use Tamzyn da Costa. I knew her when she worked at a major cosmetic counter many years ago and found her again working at another store as a manager for a different brand. I’m loyal to people and I know I will use both ladies in the future. They each have a unique way of doing makeup and I love them as people too! I feel honored to know them. I can’t wait to build friendships with them both, personally and professionally.

The photoshoot started a little bit late but I wasn’t stressed. I had my three different looks already figured out. One look was more natural for the book author shot and the other two, one was edgier and the last a bit more sophisticated but still me. Charlene had some great ideas for photos and Tamzyn was able to capture the right look for the makeup. We even had time to do some new family photographs. We were even able to get some great and creative outdoor shots before it started raining.

All in all, it was a fantastic day. I can’t wait to see the edited photographs. I’m so glad for my family who were willing to take more photographs with me without too much complaining. They really didn’t complain, fussed about it being cold but that’s understandable. At least I can tick off another box under “things to do” for the book launch.

I’ll write more again soon! Have a fabulous day!

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