decisions and choices

Today was another day of house hunting. We met the agents from two agencies. It gets a bit overwhelming after a while. Do we choose a three bedroom or a four bedroom? Does it allow dogs or not? Is there enough space for our family? When do we move? Can we afford this?

There ended up being so many houses and each one has an aspect I like. The first house overlooked a lake and had a lovely yard for our two dogs but was only three bedroom. It’s also opposite a nature reserve. The second one we saw was a four bedroom, in the original part of the estate so it is in an established area. We liked this one too. The third house was a three bedroom, with solid wooden floors but no fenced in area for the dogs. Another house was a four bedroom, new but the rental was higher. We then saw another agent with a four bedroom which was the mirror of the first house we saw today. Every single house would suit us beautifully.

Here is the downside, when do I have time to pack? Wherever we go in the estate, no matter what house we choose, I MUST get rid of all the excess and scale down. In some ways, it won’t be difficult but in others, the stress of packing is left on my shoulders. This is in the midst of editing, rewrites, writing songs, etc.

Can I cope? I have no idea. I’m up for a challenge. I think… No matter what, it will be amazing to live in this estate. There are kilometers of walking trails, a nature reserve, three restaurants, polo fields, etc. We are looking forward to living there. So many “challenges” for me but hey, we wanted to scale down more so, here we go.

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