Before it gets hectic, I seem to be just resting. It’s come natural. Sure, I’ve jotted down a few things for the next book but it was just to jog the old memory banks. I’m not actively writing another book. I can feel when it’s the right time and when to just let it lie.

My husband took us out to a wine farm, Noble Hill in Paarl. There is a lovely restaurant there, Consecha where they serve Mexican styled food. It was so yum. I had guacamole and organic chips. He had a fried pulled pork taquito and then he had cheesecake. I was really impressed by the flavors. I would post pics but I am too lazy to import them from my Android phone to my Macbook laptop. I told you I’m relaxing….

I am still trusting for the finances for the book launch and all the prep but that isn’t something I’m necessarily stressing about. I’m just in this relaxed repose and I am seriously enjoying it. I know I have a lot of stuff that will keep me very busy on the horizon from sorting out unwanted and unused belongings, beginning to pack once again to move, any re-edits for the book, writing songs for EP, etc. There are things I should be doing but I’m not feeling the nudge or kick in the pants to move on it yet. The time will come quicker than I think.

I think it’s healthy to take time out. My brain needs a reset and rest. I hope you can take the time for yourself too!

Until next time!

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