Book update (Sept 2019)

Image by Jess Watters from Pixabay

So, it’s been a long hot minute since I’ve last written anything on my blog. I have truly been swamped with writing my book. I finished the bulk re-writing last month and I basically took a bit of a breather. The cover is busy being designed with the graphic designer. I’ve seen her work, it’s beautiful. I trust her and I know she has other deadlines she must do so I don’t want to rush her at all. My lovely editor/publisher is busy working on various projects but I also need to finish my few edits on the 1st draft but I am waiting on others to get back to me with their thoughts.

I have to admit, it has been unnerving to say you are waiting on God for something. It’s a catch phrase you hear so many people say but do they truly understand the enormity of that phrase…”waiting on God…” I fear many see God as a slot machine of sorts. I put in my prayer in the slot, pull the handle and wham! I have my instant miracle, answer to prayer, etc. What if it isn’t about getting what I want, what I expect to happen, what I desire? What if it’s actually about trust in God no matter the outcome.

I haven’t had any thirst for fame or fortune in writing my story. I have had a hard copy of the facts written for the past ten years. It could have stayed that way as a reference for my children forever. In February of this year, I felt a prick in my spirit that I needed to actually pick the hard copy up and rewrite it with a specific lady in mind to help as my editor/publisher. So, trusting I heard from God and after I spoke to my husband, I contacted the lovely lady, we really connected and the whole process of actually rewriting what was already written began. That was April/May of this year.

Fast forward to now. I had planned for the launch to happen in October but I knew that I would self-publish so I could retain the rights to my story/book. The financial aspect of all the various things that needed to come into play to make this happen is huge! The printing of the book isn’t the bulk of the finances, that would be the PR person. That person is key. I know that I can’t self-publish and then promote it by word of mouth. It would have a ground swell then it would die down within 6 weeks with a lack of promoting…. It’s not what should happen with my story. I say this not to be proud or boastful. It’s a quiet assurance.

Next month will be October, the finances haven’t come through in my timing and let me reiterate, my timing. Hang on, it’s not about what I want. It’s about obedience to what I heard God say to me. It’s about trusting Him for all the things necessary to make it happen. So what if it doesn’t happen next month? He has reasons why it wouldn’t. That’s truly not my problem at all. He is the Source of ALL things. My response to the waiting, my response to the process is the true journey. Can I really trust Him in ALL things?

My answer is an emphatic YES!

As soon as God releases the things which need to be released, the book will be printed and launched. That’s the bottom line. I’m still excited. I’m still at peace in my heart, emotions, soul, etc.

That’s what’s going on. I’m still working on the 1st draft. I’m busy doing transcriptions for last year’s conference. I’m still doing video editing. I’m still being a wife, mother, friend, all around creative person. I’m just me doing what I do. Until I write again….


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