My Chanel experience

The station as I arrived, all set up

Now why on earth would anyone spend money on a high end products you may ask? I’ve been just like everyone else, saving money, purchasing brands such as L’oreal, Maybelline, Cover Girl, etc. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with those brands. They have been great products and I still use some of them to this day!

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that sometimes, it’s worth that extra buck to spend on the more expensive brands. I’ve gone from Bobbi Brown, MAC, Estee Lauder, Clarins, to name a few and for several years, I have used L’Occitane as my preferred skincare regime.

I tend to make friends quickly with the various people who work on the counters of the high end names. I love them and they are always so kind and answer all my inane questions. I tend to try products then once I have decided and researched, I will make my decision. Enter, Elton and Tamzyn, my amazing Chanel go-to people. Tamzyn is an amazing lady who did my make up for my photo shoot a few months ago and she knows her story! She works for Chanel at one department store and Elton works for Chanel at another department store.

I scheduled a time with Elton (Tamzyn was off) and he happily tried the various products on my face. We went through the entire regime. I loved how they products felt on my skin. I have sensitive skin so I do have to be careful with what I use. What I love about L’Occitane, Dior and Chanel is that the products are all natural ingredients. That’s important to me.

He enquired as to my concerns for my skin. Well, I don’t like the pigmentation I have as I have gotten older but it’s mainly learning to grow old gracefully. I have always taken care of my skin from a young age, much to my mom’s thoughts about me wasting money. I didn’t agree to her thoughts.

The skincare options

I didn’t purchase the skincare yet as I always feel it’s best that as your current skincare products end, then you purchase only what needs to be replaced. In that way, it’s not a huge sticker shock. It’s a gradual progression, not a race. I loved the smell and feel of the products. Nothing burned my face or caused any type of irritation.

The product I have purchased is the Chanel Ultra Le Teint. I don’t have the right foundation anymore. My MAC foundation is basically finished. I’ve been stretching it as far as I can until I figured out what foundation I wanted to purchase. My Laura Mercier foundation is too dark at the moment.

What I can say is that you use very little of the Ultra Le Teint. I love the full coverage that doesn’t feel heavy or cakey. It does give a matte finish and sits beautifully on your skin. It doesn’t transfer onto your clothes or onto another person. That is one of my big tests. Does the foundation rub off onto my husband’s clothes? I don’t like foundations which do this.

The wearability, it lasted all day long! It was a hot day and I didn’t have foundation rubbing off from perspiration. It looked the same at 8pm as it did at 10:30am. I didn’t have powder or foundation settling into my fine lines or gathering under my eyes. I really loved the look of this foundation. It evened out my complexion and I looked refreshed.

Elton and I after my lovely Chanel experience

I will definitely buy this foundation again and again. Go check it out! It’s worth every single cent.

Products used: Le Lait Fraicheur D’Eau, Le Tonique (blue), Hydra Beauty Micro Liquid Essence, Blue Serum EYE, Blue Serum (face), Le Lift Creme also one of the CC Correction cremes (I can’t remember which one). No 30 (bronzer), 244 tisse jazz (eye shadow), eye brow pencil (not sure which one), intense teal eye pencil, Rouge Ink #818 and red lip pencil and mascara.

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