Where am I now?

Of course you are wondering where I have disappeared to. So much has happened in the past few months. I had professional photos taken a few months ago. I’m very happy with the results. A young lady in our office who does all the video and photography was hired to do the pictures. I also had a professional makeup artist do my makeup so I didn’t have to stress about retouching, etc.

From there, I was just re-writing my book. That took a lot of time. I have “FINISHED” the first draft but I am now re-editing but that has taken a back seat with everything else going crazy. We also had an amazing graphic artist work on the cover.

So exciting! In the midst of all the book stuff, we came to the realization that the owner of our house we are renting was going to sell his house. There has been a lot of complications with the owner but we immediately started looking for another place to live. For me, it makes sense for us to move to Paarl. It’s a beautiful city that is about 34 kilometers from where we currently live. Our daughter goes to school there so it makes sense to move.


The hunt for a house has been exhausting. We have met several kind and lovely estate agents. One house fell through and I won’t go into the reasons but we went back to the owner of the 2nd house we liked. That worked out quickly and we gave our notice to the realty agency. We move to Paarl the last week of this month.

In between all the searching for houses, we geared up for our annual conference at our church. Our friends from the USA were coming over and the speaker, Sam Soleyn. He is our friend, mentor, spiritual father and an all around great person. The conference was brilliant and the time spent with our friends and Sam was amazing. We laughed quite a lot, ate at several restaurants, went sight seeing, wine tasting and had fun.

Now, it’s time to pack. We are moving soon and it will be here sooner than I think. We’ve been in the garage loading up a trailer of things we want to get rid of. It’s been fun but the dust wreaks havoc on my sinuses. We want to move with what we need and want and not with things we don’t use. Hubby has helped in the garage which makes it so much easier.

I’ll write again soon. I have to go sort stuff out again.

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