A week to go

Well, the packing has gone relatively easy. I hit the garage over the weekend with my husband. He helped a bit (moved boxes and loaded the trailer). It was a seriously daunting task. There were boxes of things that we have carted from house to another. It was not necessary to still move them again so I sorted out what was in the boxes and packed the trailer with the unnecessary items.

The mess of boxes and stuff….
The trailer with the beginning of things to give away
The trailer is slowly being filled.

You can see the progression. I still have the storeroom under the stairs to tackle. I’m about to do that but want to finish packing the dishes in the kitchen. I have a feeling when we move, I will put some things in a box for Zach’s apartment. He’ll need a few things, or at least I think he will. It’s difficult to tell with these young men. They just braai. It’s the easier thing to do.

the living room with…boxes and bubble wrap

I’m loving this move. It’s so relaxed and I’m not stressed. I think it’s because we will be living “leaner” with only what we need and want and NOT all the excess that one tends to accumulate over the years. It’s freedom. It really is. I’m off to pack…of course.

Until another day!

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