Tiny bit tired….

Still counting!

Well, I’ve been packing. Our domestic, Sweetness, and I accomplished quite a bit yesterday. The majority of the kitchen is packed except for the pots and the plates and cutlery, glasses, etc that we are still using. The upstairs hasn’t been touched but have requested that each of our kids pack their own clothes. I’ll do my things over the weekend.

More boxes to get rid of.

I think I am finally a bit tired. I’m not running out of steam but my body is a bit tired. It’s also exhausting to be the only one packing the house, figuring out what to get rid of and I think because of this, any comments by anyone, especially my husband, just burns me up a bit. I would love to sit and do whatever but I’m not. If I don’t do what I am doing, we won’t be ready to move in a matter of days. No one else will sort, pack, get rid of.

So, I’m taking a break for a few minutes, sitting down and “ranting” via my blog. I’m not sure that helps but I need to get my mind back in the game of packing. It doesn’t help that my sinuses have begun to drain once again. I can’t afford to get sick again. Argh.

The plus is that the storage room is almost sorted out. I found another box of DVD’s. That was annoying but I gave away more than half of what I found in the box. I have organized my toolbox (great sense of accomplishment) and I’ll get over my mood. It’s just one of “those” days.

My organized toolbox!

Until another day and lots of coffee!

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