Where in the world am I?

Our new home

We have been crazy busy! I was packing, packing, packing and sorting to get rid of the excess. Move day arrived with a bang last week Wednesday. Peter called the moving company to confirm the time they will arrive. They phoned him back to inform him the move day is Thursday, not Wednesday as he had requested and they confirmed. There wasn’t any way we could postpone as the new owners of the house were moving in the next morning. Eventually, they arranged for two trucks to come later in the day.

That took pressure off of me to some extent but now it was a waiting game. Our first truck arrived just after 2pm. They packed the truck and headed off to Paarl. They left around 5:00pm and arrived at our new house. They quickly unpacked the truck and left our home just before 7pm. Peter, Zach and David were there supervising them while I was a the new house arranging where they needed to put furniture. Peter and David spent time driving two scooters and a motorbike to Paarl.

The second truck arrived at our old house just after 7pm. I drove back to the old house to help Sweetness clean, dust, mop, and direct the movers. They eventually left after 10pm and made their way to Paarl. Sweetness and I finished up and handed the remote to the new owner. The keys were dropped off at security. Off we went, making a detour to get something to eat. In all the craziness, I forgot to eat.

We arrived at the new house expecting the 2nd truck aannnddd he got lost. Peter hopped on his scooter and went scouting around the estate for them. He found them and led them to the new spot. They had such great attitudes. I felt so sorry for them because of the late hour.

We had one comical moment. They were trying to offload the upright piano. They were a team of five men. They struggled. Peter told them to just bring it out of the truck. He and Zach picked up the piano and brought it beautifully into the house. The movers were dumbfounded. They stood around with their mouths agape and just applauded them. I was finished, I just started laughing.

They finally left at 2am and then it was time to assemble everyone’s beds. We made sure the kids’ beds were made first. Peter and I assembled our bed last. We were exhausted. We got it done, put the sheets on, got ready for bed and promptly passed out.

We’ve been in the house and estate for 6 days now and I have to say it was a fantastic decision. Alyssa-Mei is so happy. Her friends have already come over. She is outside all the time. It’s amazing. We are happy. The house is mostly packed out except for the boxes that are left in the garage. Sweetness and I had to have the living area/dining room in order because we had friends over on Friday night and a postponed Thanksgiving on Sunday with Zach’s future in-laws and Peter’s parents.

Well, I’ve said more than enough. We are now home in Paarl. So I think that makes us Paarl-ites. Ciao!

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