It’s been a while

Picture by @Andresdewet

It’s been quite a bit of time since I have written. I’m sure I mentioned that we moved from Durbanville to Paarl. Some have asked why and the main reason is we felt we were supposed to move and our daughter needed to be in close proximity to her school and friends. Our packing was intense and yes, I got rid of boxes and boxes of things that were not needed. It was totally cathartic and a necessary thing to do. I wanted to get rid of the excess and keep what I need. I still have a remnant of boxes which need to be sorted (about 10) but I still boxes which are to be given away. I keep forgetting.

We went away for the December holidays to our container home in Betty’s Bay. It’s still being worked on but it is now more habitable. I’m slightly more picky than my husband. He doesn’t mind “roughing it” but I prefer things to be a tad bit more refined. We had fun and my dog thought he was in heaven.

January brought change. Our 2nd son moved out to his own apartment which he shares with his business partner. They are enjoying the freedom and the aches and pains of beginning a new business within the fitness industry. They’ll make it. They have youth, determination, contacts and grit. They balance each other out well in the business frame of mind. OH, the awesome news was that Zach proposed to his girlfriend in October while his brother was visiting from America. Lots of change here….

We also celebrated our 29th anniversary in January and Zach celebrated his 24th birthday. Alyssa started school as a 9th grader. David just turned 21 on the 2nd of February! What on earth??? My kids are growing up, growed up and I’m just getting more gray hair and my husband has errant long eyebrow hairs. That in itself shocked him but I find it pretty funny.

With regards to the book, it is “on hold” for now. I am pursuing the music side of me. I’ve written two new songs and several more are being developed. I have an amazing opportunity happening soon and I’ll write more about that once everything is finalized. It’s so exciting and I know that God’s timing is absolutely perfect!

Here’s to a fun adventurous 2020 with all its twists, turns and mountains.

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