What’s a cooking

So, life has escaped me already and the year is flying by at a hectic pace. We have finally “settled” into life living in Paarl. I’ve decided to actually say where we live as opposed to just saying the towns name. I’ve quickly realized that where you live or the name of the estate can bring some interesting comments but despite that, we are enjoying life here.

Where we live (nope, not saying where exactly) (Photo belongs to VdV and Cape Winelands)

So many things have already happened since the end of November 2019. I think I mentioned that the book is “on hold” for now. The reason is I felt I must and the other is a push to go another direction for now but the two will come together at a later stage. Music is the focus of the year. It’s rather exciting and it truly is my first passion. I am actually an introvert/extrovert. I love connecting with people. I love one-on-one conversations. I become “another person” in a sense when I sing. It’s truly the extroverted part of me that comes out when I have that mic in my hand. Crazy, right?

We’ve started the year with being sick. A dastardly flu (NOT the coronavirus) struck. It first way-layed our daughter, hopped to me but I had it with laryngitis and then it skipped on to my husband who was not impressed with being ill at all. We are all healthy now. I’ve watched a few of my girlfriends who live overseas change their diet, their exercise and I just had an epiphany. Why am I letting myself go, in a sense? Why be a voyeur into other people’s lifestyle changes when I can do exactly the same thing?

I have made a very conscious decision to exercise 4 – 5 times a week. One session is at the office. We have an hour to exercise. It boosts morale and you feel good about yourself. I have also started really buckling down on what we eat. I’m phasing out pastas, grains, sugar (I don’t eat sugar in general) and focusing on eating more greens, fats and drink tons of water.

I’m enjoying it and after a month’s exercise I can already see a difference. I decided to stay away from the scales because I am gaining muscle mass so the scales have shown I’ve “gained” BUT the true test is actually the centimeters I am losing. I went to the gym last night to get in a session and I loved the solitude.

Here’s to a healthier, fitter year.

But the real news is that I am going to be recording an album this year. It will be a ten track CD and all the music will be songs I have written and two songs are co-written by my husband and a young man on the worship team. I’m so excited and it’s another motivation to get into a healthier way of life. I’ll write more as things progress. For now, we are polishing songs already written and working on new songs.

Here’s to 2020!

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