End of Day 2 | Lockdown

Today was a bit of a late start for me. I slept in a tiny bit. It feels so weird and I have to admit my days are already a bit jumbled. The added bonus for me (not so much for my 2nd son) is that he is back for the duration of the lock down. I cannot see that he would have enjoyed being cooped up in his flat for 21 days with no one but himself as company. Now he gets fed and spend time with his siblings and gasp, parents.

Yesterday, they decided to have a fitness session. I took video but will join them on Monday. I am so nervous I will gain weight during this lockdown period so I have to stay active to not gain weight. Tomorrow is Sunday so I’ll walk in the morning.

Even our dog is loving the lockdown as he gets to sleep in my room. He loves it. I’m not convinced my husband loves it as my dog can fart up a storm. He has a natural gift and he could peel the paint off the walls. He loves being an inside dog.

Manu completely at rest

All in all, despite the lockdown, I am so grateful to spend this time with our kids. We miss Asher like crazy and chatted a bit with him tonight. He knows we love him to bits. Every day we get to spend with the remaining three all at home is a blessing, it truly is. We understand how quickly life moves on and changes.

Love your family. Enjoy every single moment with them to the fullest. Please stay safe. Abide by the laws of the lockdown so that you can stay healthy and be there for your family after the craziness has subsided.

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