End of Day 3 | Lockdown

I don’t know if it’s just me or if it’s anyone else but I feel so “lazy” at the moment. By “lazy” I don’t mean that I won’t clean, sweep, do laundry, mop the floors, clean the bathrooms, do some transcriptions, etc. It just means it takes me a tiny bit longer to get motivated because I am so stinking relaxed.

The family were hinting pretty hard last night to please have waffles or the like this morning. I look to the right of my bed and what do I see? Three piles of laundry…. Not exciting. I can hear the family make plans to play a game or two later. I THINK we are planning a movie night too.

Peter is planning on smoking pork belly for dinner tonight and I can hear EVERYONE up now except for my daughter. Little does she know that her plans of being “totes relaxed” have come to an abrupt end from tomorrow. I get all the emails from her teachers about school work so, with this in mind, she will have a bit more organized schedule from tomorrow to actually get school work done in a timely matter. She’s going to loooovvvveee me.

With the noise level having gone in the house, it is time for me to arise and get my own day going. I think I’ll start with the laundry, make the bed and get my room sorted before I tackle the rest of the house. Ooo, I just hope my husband thinks of me and makes me a brilliant cup of coffee!

Hubby did make coffee (so glad) and I cleaned today. He smoked pork belly for dinner and it was so good. We played some weird game where you defuse a bomb but I totally suck. I’m working on transcriptions. We’ve had a lovely day.


I’ll exercise tomorrow. I can’t wait! So glad we are a family and having a wonderful time together. Cherish your time with them!!

waiting for her turn.

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