What are the Snymans up to?

With the lockdown still going strong, I have to admit I was wondering how the family would get along being confined to a small home. Thankfully, everyone is getting along with hardly any head butting or friction. Zach is home so it makes the house louder and livelier.

Our old staffie getting a massage from Zach…Manu is in dog heaven!

Alyssa is busy with her school work during the week and has spent off time chatting with her friends. She took it upon herself to clean and tidy up her closet! It looks amazing. Now, it’s just the rest of the room. She also does her chores without grumbling. She is looking forward to getting back to school to see her friends.

Peter is working away preparing his messages which are recorded on Tuesdays. Wednesday evenings, we do our live worship on the Lighthouse FB page. During the day, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are spent exercising with our resident trainer, Zach. He varies the intensity and I think we are all enjoying and benefitting from his training. I spend a lot of time laughing at Peter. He makes the craziest noises!

All in all, our family has grown closer. I wish Asher was here too but we know he is where he has to be. We miss him but do contact him on a regular basis to keep in touch and we don’t want him to feel so isolated.

beautiful roses on the estate

That’s all for now!


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