Boston Butt a la Maison Snyman

getting ready to pull the pork.

What on earth is probably what you are wondering but we had discussed having pulled pork for a while now. With lockdown in full swing, we finally decided to go find some pork shoulder. So off we went to the local Spar to find pork and can you believe they had it on special!! The butcher happily supplied us with a whole pork shoulder and it was HUGE! We walked away with big smiles even though our wallets were a bit lighter.

I found a great marinade for the pork shoulder (aka “Boston Butt). I doctored that sucker up with a wet marinade and dry rub. Back into the fridge it went to marinade the rest of the day.

We knew it would take a while to cook (overnight). So, at 4:30pm, Peter fired up the Weber and got it going and in went the pork shoulder. He set his clock to get up throughout the night to check on the Boston Butt.

Sunday morning, he took it out of the Weber, wrapped it in foil, and then into the Wonder Bag. Just before we were going to eat, he pulled the pork and we doused it liberally with our BBQ Sauce (thank you Woolies!). At the same time, I made homemade baked beans.

We have so much left over that we have been eating it for a few days! The kids don’t mind and neither do we!

Until next time! Ciao!

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