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So this beautiful country to which I have called home for the last twenty-seven years has become a police state so to speak in order to battle the dreaded virus COVID-19 (cue ominous music please). The initial response by government was just and understood, put the country under lockdown for twenty-one days so that the medical facilities may get their things in order to handle a possible influx of COVID-19/coronavirus patients.

The response from the citizens and residents was a resounding “Yes, President Ramaphosa, we agree wholeheartedly!” It would be uncomfortable and an inconvenience but we can do this together to “flatten the curve.”

Twenty-one days flew by to discover, the lockdown would continue for another two weeks. Mind you, we were STILL under the the harshest level of five levels. The excitement was building, people were expecting to be brought down to level four. Instead, we were greeted by another two week extension.

At the end of the now, five weeks I think, we were eventually lowered to level 4 and now a curfew was instituted. No one may be on the streets after 8 o’clock at night until 6 a.m. and you may exercise for three hours, 6 a.m. until 9 a.m. Now, I’m not sure whose bright idea this was. We are going into our winter months. The sun rises later and sets earlier. The temperature is getting colder with the occasional warm day. People were allowed to go back to work if they were essential services.

It is now the middle of May and we are quickly approaching June. Parts of the country will go to Level three and the “hotspots” are going BACK to level 5. At the end of this lockdown, nearly 4-7 million people will have lost their jobs. This economy will not recover for many, many years. The small percentage who will still have a job will have to sustain (somehow) more unemployed with their taxes which do not decrease. Added to this, ESKOM, the state owned power utility has been given the green light to recoup R13.3 BILLION from the tariffs which will rise once again.

We had an experience this morning. Our daughter had an orthodontic appointment. We had scheduled this appointment long before there would be a lockdown but it happened to fall within the first intital three weeks. It was postponed and when lockdown extended, it fell within those days again. The Doctor’s office called us yesterday to make the appointment for today.

We woke up early and got in the car. We thought, let’s take David (our son) just in case he can get some things done in the area. As we are traveling, there’s a roadblock ahead. We get pulled over with the rest of the people. My husband has his driver’s license ready and we put on our face masks (so ludicrous but it is “the law.”

We get asked where we are going. We tell them. The response, “You have too many people in your car sir. You may only have 3 people in your car maximum.” Peter politely answers why our son is going. The police now ask where is our permit. To which we answer, “‘We have no permit because we are going to visit the Dr.” Let me type it this way. “S” = us and “”P” = police.

P: Sir, you must have a permit.

S: What permit, I am going to visit a doctor for my daughter which is part of essential services.

P: Sir, the regulations are that you MUST have a permit. It’s the law.

S: We made the appointment before the lockdown (explains the situation). The Doctor’s office called US to reschedule for today.

P: Sir, where is the permit. They must send you one. Show us they called you.

S: What? (He gets out his phone to show them the phone log). I have not received an email.

P: The Doctor must send you one, phone them.

S: (phones the doctor and explains the situation, Doctor is shocked. We eventually get the email.)

P: Sir, whose name is on the email? (Again we are stunned because we’ve done what they asked and now they want a name of the patient. Husband scrolls down and finds our daughter’s name.)

S: See, here is my daughter’s name, XXXXX, she is the patient and we brought our son in case they can see him too.

P: Sir, your son isn’t on the email. You can get a R1000 fine. Where is your daughters ID?

S: What? She’s not eligible for an ID Document. She doesn’t have one.

P: Well sir, she could possibly not be your daughter. We don’t know that. You are traveling to where sir? We need her birth certificate if she doesn’t have an ID. It’s policy and law, sir. We are doing our jobs.

S: We don’t have a birth certificate with us. You mean you expect us to carry a valuable document like this all the time with us? This is ludicrous. I know you are doing your job. I understand that but do you hear the silliness of what you are asking?

P: Yes sir but we are doing our jobs. If you don’t have it then please surrender your license and drive to the other side of the N1. You can collect your license there, go home and go back to the Dr.

At the end, we did have to go home but we did not return as we had to call the doctor to reschedule the appointment which will not be in June. It was too late and they could not help us today. When we spoke to the Doctor, she told me that they haven’t heard of any issue like this before. They have patients from all over and have not had this type of experience.

We also heard, I think we frustrated the one police officer so badly that this person let it slip, that Cape Town is going back to level 5. They had been informed.

The absurdity of it all. It is no longer about “flattening the curve.” It is now about slowly stripping away the rights of the people and no one even realizes it. Even now, the specialists are decrying “foul” as to how this lockdown is handled and that it must end.

There are all types of articles out there but the one tell is that the government will not release their medical findings that they are using to justify the continuance of this lockdown to the same Medical Assistance Committee that they should be in conversation with.

If we continue to be silent, the government is setting a dangerous precedent to take away the rights of its citizens and when those citizens wake up, it will be too late to do anything about it. The government officials were elected to SERVE the people, not dictate them.

I hope the people will begin to unite and voice their dissatisfaction. Yes, lives are at stake but it goes beyond a silly virus. At the end of this, there is a possibility of millions of jobs lost, small to medium businesses closed down for good, infrastructure will tumble.

Wake up. Don’t stay silent and blindly accept everything. We have a voice. There are constitutional rights that were given to the citizens of this country. Pray for wisdom and guidance to those who are actually listening to the voice of the Father and that their voices will be heard in the insanity of fear and panic.

Trust God in all things. I am not swayed by fear or panic. I know what God is up to in a sense. I trust Him implicitly. There is a balance too.

The point of this is to cause you to think.

Peace out.

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