End of June news

I think I have changed what I was going to say a few times. I don’t want to speak about the lockdown because I think I was over the whole thing after 5 weeks into lockdown. We are now 90+ days into lockdown with no end in sight. You can well imagine what the economy must look like and may look like at the eventual far reaching end of the lockdown. Enough of that.

Instead, I have spent my time doing the normal video editing (work), attempting to paint with oils, cooking, cleaning, exercising 2 – 3 times a week and writing new music. Oh, I have also read copious amounts of books. I love reading by the fire place with a good cup of tea or coffee.

Of course, with writing songs, I am enjoying the process of writing songs and I haven’t found it to be stressful at all. In fact, inspiration comes at the most interesting times. It could a phrase someone has said, the beauty of nature, a Bible verse or just a melody that continues for a few days. It’s such a fun creative process.

I should officially go into production for my CD mid-August. It will be a ten song album. I haven’t even thought of the cover art but at least I have an idea of songs. I think I should start thinking about album art. Whoops, something I seemed to have forgotten.

We are sitting in the living room watching one of our favorite TV shows so I’ll close for now. Things are great and this journey is pretty exciting.

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