What’s happening now….

I am so grateful that the wonderful team I am with at Stone Bear and Mayor are insightful and I can trust them with the process. I’ve been moved from one producer to a different one and its fine. The first producer will be getting married very soon and I am happy he can rather concentrate on his wedding and not me. I wish him so much happiness with his wedding.

My second producer is well-known in the industry. I’m excited to hear what he dreams up with the tracks of the ten songs. We had a consensus of what the ten songs would be. It’s rather cool to know we were all on the same page. Now it’s up to my producer to listen, dream, arrange and begin laying down the tracks for the album.

Once he does that, he will send tracks for me to listen to, and rehearse with. That was an absolute relief for me but I knew something had to happen somehow.

I also registered with CAPASSO this week. We met with a lovely lady whose company will handle all the registration of my music, royalites, etc for me. We pay a flat fee and they will handle all of that paperwork, filing, and all of that wonderful things. I found registering with CAPASSO so quick and easy. The other company SAMRO is more intense. I’ll let the professionals handle that. I’m slowly moving forward and I understand the difference between the two organizations.

I’m resting, trying to ensure my body is healthy and rested over the next four weeks. I should be in studio to lay down vocals (I’ve already mentioned this in a previous blog) at the end of August, beginning of September. I have so many ideas for new songs so I’m still writing. I don’t think I’ll ever stop!!

I’ll journal everything via my blog, Instagram and my Facebook page. You’ll be able to enjoy this as I go along.

Have a great week! Ciao!

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