exciting stuff and a surprise

There are so many ins and outs to the music industry. There are things in place to protect the music, the intellectual rights to that song which was composed, copyrights, etc. Between my husband and myself, we have written numerous songs. When our church did two CDs several years ago, we never registered with the various organizations because we felt it was unnecessary as we are not professional artists.

Several years ago, we decided to register a few songs with an international company who gives church institutions the ability to use these songs and many others during a service. We registered four of our songs with them. I think we randomly chose the songs.

During our meeting last week, the lovely lady with a local company (we signed with them to oversee my copyrights and royalties, registrations, etc for any songs we write from here on out). She kindly explained the reason why we should register and brought up how we should find out if any of our songs were reported as being sung on Sundays. Fast forward a few days and lo and behold, we found out that people have been singing our songs!

It was an absolute surprise! People from New Zealand, Europe, South Korea, Africa and even North America have been using our songs! What?! Are you serious? We also discovered that the royalties have been paid out and must be distributed to us. I was in shock but I did tell a few of my friends. I’m surprised I could even construct my sentences in a way which made some sort of sense.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I’m beginning to understand why the music industry gets upset when people would copy cds and distribute them to their friends. It really does rob from the composer. It’s an interesting world, this music world. It’s definitely more than just writing the song. It’s literally a long process.

I’ve always loved the writing process for a song. Inspiration can come from anywhere at any time. I have so many pieces of manuscript paper lying around in a file waiting to be finished. I usually know when it’s going to be good or not. The melody for me is the most important. The structure of the song will change at a later stage. I normally have a general idea of what I want the song to say as I write. My awesome husband helps with lyrics. He’s really brilliant with them.

Photo by David Bartus on Pexels.com

From there, a song, if it’s to go onto an album will be handed onto the producer. They take the song to the next level by arranging, laying down tracks, building the song onto a new foundation. I am excited to hear how the songs on my album will develop. Once most of it is done, the lead vocalist will go in and lay down their tracks. It’s truly my favorite part. I love studio work. I think the producer can make or break an album. I cannot wait to work with my producer. I’ve heard great things about him.

Now, the finer minutia of mastering, mixing, production, album cover design, etc are new things for me. I won’t do the mastering and mixing. I need to dream up an idea for the album cover. I have an idea….and no, I won’t tell you. I am sure I have missed thousands of details but I’m giving you a basic idea of what happens.

I’ll let ya go. No need to bore you needlessly.


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