Kruger National Park | Day 1 2020

We weren’t able to get the 1st time of 6am but we were able to go in just before 10am. We weren’t sure what we would see. You can’t dictate to animals and you never know. You can’t plan it.

We drove around on one of the dirt roads off of the H1-4. It didn’t disappoint. There were so many warthogs. They are ugly but cute in their own way. After that, it was wildebeest, impala, zebra, giraffes, buffalo and elephant. That’s all before 11am. We were ecstatic. That was already 3 of the five (no, I’m not miscounting).

I almost forgot our other sighting. We saw cars parked again. We pulled over and saw a hyena behind bushes. We were eventually able to go slightly closer and we could hear it crunch through the bones of an animal carcass. A few minutes later, he leaves what he was eating (a kudu) and made his way toward us and then behind our car and across the road!!! Amazing!

We turned back onto the main road and made our way to one of the big camps. There was a lioness and her cub on the rocks but we couldn’t maneuver our way to see them. There were too many cars. So we continued on and maybe 1km away, there around 6 or so lions under a bush, out of the heat. Lions sited! Now we have seen 4 of the 5 Big Five. Alrighty then.

By then, it was after 1pm and Peter decided to turn back. Lo and behold, not only do we have our own lion sighting but it was a mating pair. They were first along the left side of the road (a car’s length away). All of a sudden, she stood up, walked across the road and he quickly followed. From there, we had fantastic photographs. Of course, with a major lion sighting, the cars pile up.

Eventually, people were honking their cars even though it was only 1 car blocking the road. People behind us were behaving so badly. It was shocking. eventually, the car moved and continued on their way and then all the traffic wanting to get through were going so close to the lions to take pictures, they actually scared the lions away. Anyone wanting a picture would not be able to get one. People can be so selfish. It’s not nice.

We made our way out of the park. We have a meeting tonight so we will get to bed after our ZOOM meeting. Until tomorrow, I’ll try to regale you with all that we saw.


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