Kruger National Park | Day 2 2020

We started our day early. We woke up and had a quick bite to eat then headed out the door to make it to Crocodile Bridge Gate. We were the first to be let into the park. Our forms were already filled out so we just checked in and were on the road. It was a slow start to the actual seeing of animals.

We saw elephants, giraffe, impala, a colony of dwarf mongoose, a fish eagle, vultures, a lioness on the river bank, a few buffalo. That was it. It arrived at Lower Sabie Camp early. We were hoping to see what people had reported the day before but nothing was reported for the day. We jumped in the car again and headed off to Skukuza.

We also a bunch of baboons. There must have been a hundred or more. It was insane. The troop continued into the bush. We saw so many Kudu and a a few waterbok. They are beautiful. Alyssa spotted a red duiker and that was good sighting. See what I mean about our drive this morning being slow. We also saw elephant along the road, mommies and babies.

We arrived at Skukuza for a bathroom break and to stretch our legs. The difference in altitude and the heat have caused my feet to swell. Isn’t that just fantastic? We grabbed something to munch on and headed off to a dirt road (S113). We were planning on heading all the way down to S25 which heads back to Crocodile River Bridge. We know wild dogs were spotted there the day before.

Not far on the S113, we found a watering hole with buffalo, kudu and the like. It was a great sighting. We then went further down the S113 and just before the turnoff to the S114, there were elephant across the road. We had to wait again. That’s fine, we will wait. Once they allowed us to continue and to turn onto the S23, we saw a car had stopped.

You have to stop and enquire and lo and behold, there was an animal carcass in the distance. A leopard had been munching away on the carcass. I was eventually able to spot the leopard but he/she disappeared into the shrubbery. It was pretty exciting.

We headed down the S23, made our way to the S25 and spoke to another person heading in the opposite direction. He let us know that there were 15 lions in a dry riverbed. Of course we headed in that direction. Sure enough, once we arrived, there were 15 lions of various ages lounging about in the cool shade. There were young cubs and teenage male lions. It was a grand sight!

Tomorrow we head out early again. Hopefully, we will see wild dog or something like that.

Until tomorrow….Ciao!

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