Kruger National Park | Day 3 2020

We were up early once again. Once we were through the gate, we saw so many giraffes along the road, mommies and babies. It was fantastic. We carried along the main road an we saw this beautiful hyena. I loved it’s face. It looked so forlorn and fluffy. Just further up we saw Ground Hornbill. They are beautiful too,

As we were looking, I got notifications of a cheetah sighting. Peter was a bit unsure but Alyssa and I said he must turn around and find the cheetah. We couldn’t miss the opportunity. Off we went to the S28.

When we arrived, there were a few cars and they told us the cheetah was in the distance on a mound. We could see her slightly with our naked eyes but Alyssa took the binoculars and she spotted her quickly. The other two cars drove away and we were there alone. Peter took the binoculars and realized she was moving towards the road. So, he quickly moved the car forward.

I am so glad he did. We ended up having her walk in front of our car, beside our car for almost half a kilometer. We were able to get amazing photos and it was amazing to see how she interacted with things around her. She was marking everything so I think she was letting the males to come hither.

We saw elephants, buffalo, Nyala, Kudu, warthogs, lions, lions and lions. By 2 o’clock, the kids and I were falling asleep so we decided to go back to Ermine and Arthur’s house to take a nap and then go out again around 4pm to do a sunset drive. Again, we were rewarded by some astounding photos.

This whole trip has been an absolute blessing and we appreciate and love Arthur and Ermine for opening up their home for us to come and visit for the week. We needed the time with the family and it was a God time to be with them too.

Until tomorrow….Ciao!

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