Kruger National Park | Day 4 2020

I can’t believe we only have one more day left in Kruger National Park. For some reason, the animals were not very active in the areas we were in but some people did have magnificent sightings. We are happy with what we saw and one was absolutely epic!

Just before our epic viewing, we went to the Sunset Dam. The hippo were in abundance but we noticed one egret or stork was moving rather high on the water. We looked again. This bird was perched on the hippo’s back and just went wherever the hippo did. Occasionally, the hippo would go lower, the bird would catch a fish, swallow and continue on with his hippo surfing. It was truly a funny sight!

I was driving down the H4-1 towards Skukuza but we had just gone past the dam and further on, I saw there were numerous cars parked. It had to be a lion sighting but I thought it was because of the 7 buzzards in the tree. The cars on our side started moving gradually to let other people see what was happening and alongside the road, was a lioness eating her impala kill. That was rather exciting. Every so often, she would raise her head and you could see her with a bone in her mouth and her face was full of blood.

After a few minutes, she got up and crossed the road but suddenly, up popped a smaller head! It was her cub. They were sharing a family meal of impala. As soon as she left the cub, he was nervous. He wouldn’t cross the road because of the vehicles and the noise. He began to walk along side the road beside us. Of course we followed him very slowly. He was calling out to her and trying to find her. Eventually, she crossed back over the road to get him and they crossed back over to join the pride. It was incredible!

We saw buffalo, elephant, giraffe, kudu, Nyala, impala, wart hogs, more impala, more impala, more impala, a tawny eagle, an amethyst sunbird, and other birds. We had a wonderful day. We came back just before sunset. We did not see much more but we still have one more day at Kruger tomorrow.

Until tomorrow!! Ciao!

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