Kruger National Park | day 5 2020

How quickly did our time fly in Komatipoort! It’s crazy to think that our week has come to an end. We have spent the week in the Park during the day but have spent our evenings with an amazing couple who have opened not only their home but their hearts to us over the years. I (we) treasure their friendship deeply. It has been so much fun listening to their stories and sharing great food and time with Ms Ermine and Mr Arthur. Our daughter remembers her first trip here to see them and she remembers the gifts she was given and the whole adventure to Kruger National Park with Peter and Tim and Karen Dilbeck.

We woke up early this morning, had our breakfast, then piled into the car for our last day into Kruger National Park. The difference today was the pressure to try and see specific animals was off the table. Today would just be an adventure and we would go to the places that Ms Ermine suggested.

After clearance at the Crocodile Bridge gate, we went into the park. Within the first kilometer, we had a black haired jackal cross our path! That was unexpected! Okay, so our day would hopefully be a great one. We drove for a while then we drove up to parts of the Park we haven’t been before.

We came across a Kingfisher again. Yesterday, we saw one catch a fish then proceed to beat the poor thing senseless over and over and over again. Today, we saw the Kingfisher beat an insect into kingdom come. It’s quite comical to watch the Kingfisher do this to his prey.

We saw wildebeest, giraffes, which we ended up calling them giraffe-cicles, tons of impala, buffalo and on our trip north, we turned onto a dirt road and there was a herd of elephants with their babies. We sat and observed the babies playing in the tree and with each other. We watched the mothers eat and saw how they bend and strip trees. They are pretty ruthless but it’s fun to watch. We eventually left them to their own devices when the one momma got upset with a warthog that disturbed the whole breakfast at sunrise shindig.

How can you not laugh at my husband’s antics? He has to know I was going to post his picture!

We went to a nearby dam and watched the hippos and the monkey being a monkey and Peter taught our daughter how to drive. She had fun and so did he. I refused to sit in the front while he instructed but she was able to drive quite a ways and even park the car so we could view lions who were lazing about in the field next to the road. But, while we were at the dam, Peter had put on my long sweater while he was driving because he was cold. Peter being Peter didn’t care that he still had my sweater on and as we arrived at the dam, there was a family walking back to their car and there is Peter happily chatting with the dad with my long sweater on. I was in the car laughing my head off. It was pretty funny watching him.

David drove on and off and they really enjoyed their last day in Kruger National Park. We even saw a crocodile with it’s prey (a newly born hippopotamus) and a nearby croc who wanted to share the spoils. It was gruesome and the smell, whew, we caught a whiff of the decaying carcass and it was not nice at all.

We ended our day by going to the Hippo Pool to watch the wildlife. This may be our last time at Kruger National Park but it was worth the effort, driving, money and time spent here. The memories will last a lifetime and the family time was awesome!

Until our next adventure….Ciao!

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