2 days!

So, the time has finally arrived. The songs have been written long ago. Well, a few have been written long ago and others were written this year but the journey to this week has been very eventful. Why, you may ask?

I’ve had a change of producers and I haven’t minded. The first gentlemen was soon to be married so he needed that time for his impending nuptials. The second person, Stephan Cloete is pretty much a musical genius type in my humble estimation. To have the ability to listen to a song and dream up the possibilities of how that song could sound with a bit of tweaking, re-imagining, etc is ridiculously brilliant.

As a songwriter, I have a basic idea of how I think it could sound but even in my wildest dreams, I don’t think I have that type of capability. I hope I can learn how to to it but that is another journey. I have been absolutely delighted to hear each guide track as the are sent to me. I have heard how a few were imagined for our “church’s” worship CD’s and those had a particular jazzy sound. To hear those songs redone has been just amazing. I think I am just waxing lyrical at the moment.

Pictures from Franschhoek Recording Studios in Franschhoek. These images do not belong to me but to Uys Visser Productions.

I’ve had a few delays but none could have been foreseen nor planned. But despite that, I know that God is in control. His timing is perfect. My producer is more than capable of doing what he needs to do. The team at StoneBear and Mayor Records are gifted, talented, and know how to handle things. Helmut Meijer and Lukas de Beer have also assisted on the album with their musical abilities. Chane Herbst has fielded all of my questions beautifully.

I am excited to finally do the vocal tracks. Rouchelle will sing a duet with me on the album and I am so grateful for her willingness to do so. She’s had a busy time despite COVID regulations. She has a beautiful voice and is the sweetest person. I’m sure we’ll have fun in studio on Wednesday. I think I’ll have to bake something healthy to bring to the studio. Hmmm, what to bring.

Think of me this week. I know I’ll be having fun and hopefully will deliver great vocals. Now I’m resting my voice for a few days. I hope I can remember to be quiet.


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