Countdown is on!

Time has flown by. You are probably wondering why I haven’t written in such a long time. I am working from home and I’m actually working more than when I was at the office. I love it. I think I have almost “killed” my laptop by the abuse I’ve given it with video editing. Thankfully, I haven’t but I’ve been busy. Lockdown still going on and people are still fearful but we’re here and we know that God is in control.

In my spare time, I have been working on new songs for my album. I wanted to have about 13 songs or so that we would whittle down to ten but there needed to be new songs. I’ve spent all the extra brain cells and time to write, conceptualize the melodies and lyrics. Again, I called upon Peter to help me with lyrics. He sat down and within 10 minutes (perhaps less) to think of lyrics. Incredible gift, to be able to write lyrics like that.

I have kept in contact with the co-owners of the Record/Music company just to let them know I’m still alive and well on planet earth. I received some voice notes and messages to keep me up to date with where they are with all the other artist they are currently working with and Friday, I had confirmation that the producer is just about ready, the team is poised to review the songs, make decisions/suggestions and I pretty much had a huge panic attack. Artists can be so insecure sometimes, I’m one of those. My daughter couldn’t believe my reaction but I got it together. Excitement is back after the few minutes of panic but I’ve done my part to give “rough drafts” of songs and what they think or dream up is on them.

I have to keep my voice in top condition, get rest because I will be in studio around the 2nd week of August! I will journal with pictures and quick blogs. It’s so crazy because I’ve dreamed of this for years and it’s almost a reality.

Hang on, the journey is starting soon!!!

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